Register to use your myUCLCareers account as a recent graduate

If you can no longer log in to myUCLCareers via the 'Sudent login' button because you are now getting a 'Permission denied' error message, you will need to register a new 'graduate' username and password with us to log in.

Simply complete the form below to do this. Your username will need to be a valid email address which can be your old UCL one or any other email address.

PLEASE NOTE: When asked for your student ID below, you SHOULD enter the "UPI" Code* that is on the front of your old UCL ID card.

Once submitted, we will send you an email with a secure link so you can create a new password for your myUCLCareers account.

*Your UPI code will be in the format of 5 letters and 2 numbers e.g. UCLID38 - do not enter your old student number, (SN). Your UPI Code can also be found on your course transcipt if needed. If you can't access your UPI number, leave the ID field below blank but please be aware this may delay the registration process.

Please enter the following information. Fields marked * are mandatory.